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IELTS Resource Pack (Book, CD) Ebook PDF Download by Marks Jon

IELTS Resource Pack (Book, CD) by Marks, Jon Free Ebook PDF Download

Delta Publishing | 2007 | ISBN: 9781905085156 | PDF, MP3 | 121 MB

IELTS Resource Pack provides teachers with valuable resource material to liven up their IELTS preparation classes and help ensure success for their students!

* 25 lively communicative activities specifically devised for students preparing for the IELTS exam.
* Highly motivating pair-work, small-group and whole-class activities.
* Activates the language and skills students need for success in the Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Speaking and Listening modules of the exam.
* Contains two complete practice exams in compact easy-to-photocopy format.
* Includes free audio CD with listening for the exam.


Enhancing Academic Vocabulary in IELTS Tests Words in the News 2008 Ebook PDF DOWNLOAD

Enhancing Academic Vocabulary in IELTS  Tests: Words in the News 2008#12 Final

PDF, MP3, DOC | 22 MB

In academic IELTS,your scores can be greatly improved if a wide range of academic words are covered in the tests. Words in the current news provides you with academic words. Now what you have to do is to listen, read and memorize them.


Cambridge Grammar for IELTS Student’s Book with Answers and Audio CD free PDF Ebook Download

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS Student's Book with Answers and Audio

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS provides complete coverage of the grammar needed for the IELTS test, and develops listening skills at the same time. It includes a wide range of IELTS tasks from the Academic and General Training Reading, Writing and Listening modules, and contains helpful grammar explanations and a grammar glossary.

Book: Cambridge Grammar For IELTS Student’s Book With Answers And Audio CD
Author: Diane Hopkins, Pauline Cullen
ISBN: 0521604621

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Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS with Answers and Audio CD free Download

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS with Answers and Audio CD free Download (Cambridge Exams Publishing) free Download

vocabulary for ielts

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS includes useful tips on how to approach IELTS exam tasks and covers especially tricky areas such as the language needed to describe data and processes. It is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus and the Cambridge Learner Corpus to ensure that the vocabulary is presented in genuine contexts and includes real learner errors.

Pages 176
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1 Pap/Com edition (April 21, 2008)

Size : 77MB

step up to ielts free download pdf Audio Free Download Ebook

step up to ielts free download pdf Ebook

setp up to ielts free download

This course covers essential exam skills and language for IELTS in approximately sixty hours’ teaching time, and familiarises students quickly with the exam. The course covers both the Academic and General Training modules It provides students with invaluable advice on how to maximise their band score in the exam. Shorter, achievable exam-type tasks build students’ exam skills, before students try the more challenging tasks at authentic test level. The test practice sections at the end of each unit together constitute a whole sample IELTS test. The ‘With answers’ edition contains a full answer key and information on the exam, making it ideal for students preparing independently. For students with more time, the pocket-sized Personal Study Book provides extra vocabulary, grammar and writing practice.The Self-study Pack contains the Self-study Student’s Book and Audio CDs (2) Continue reading

Thomson IELTS Practice Tests + 3 Audio CDs MP3 PDF Ebook Free Download

Provides students with an essential combination of exam information, task guidance and realistic exam practice.Six complete practice tests, based on the latest exam specifications, cover every main task type and a wide range of typical IELTS topic areas and situations. Task Guide and Step-by-Step Guide sections in Tests 1 and 2 offer comprehensive guidance for each task type, with important advice and helpful mini-exercises. A clear and highly detailed key provides answers for each Listening and Reading task, with explanatory notes. Sample answers and commentary for the Speaking and Writing tasks include explanations of the assessment guidelines used in the exam. A complete and separate General training module comprises Reading and Writing components for two tests. Audio Tapes and Audio CDs include material for the Listening paper recorded in realistic exam format. ExamView[registered] CD-Rom provides additional question banks that can be easily used to create additional exam practice. Thomson IELTS Practice Tests + 3 Audio CDs ( listening) free download

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Instant IELTS Ready-to-use Tasks and Activities with Audio CD Free Download

Guy Brook-Hart, “Instant IELTS: Ready-to-use Tasks and Activities (with Audio CD)”
C-ge University Press | 2004 | ISBN: 0521755336 | 128 pages, Audio CD | PDF, mp3 | 83,3 mb

This photocopiable resource is packed with a whole range of ready-to-use IELTS practice activities. The lively discussions and role plays that accompany them turn each IELTS task-type into a stimulating lesson. The thirty-four short lessons are each based around one IELTS task type, and the book is organised by paper type, giving teachers a flexible resource that they can tailor to their students’ specific needs. Both Academic and General Training modules are covered. The Teachers’ notes contain information on the exam format, and suggestions on how best to approach each task type. While the practice material itself is at the level students can expect to meet in the test, a choice of suggested approaches makes the book appropriate for intermediate students (around Band 5) or more advanced students (around Band 7). Ideas for supplementary activities provide homework solutions.